Letter from George Reed to his cousin


Documents and Photographs




Town Records

Resolutions at 1851 Acton Town Meeting in response to the federal Fugitive Slave Act

Town of Acton record of soldiers and seamen in the military and naval service (manuscript courtesy Town of Acton)

Town of Acton annual report, 1862-63 (PDF)

Town of Acton annual report, 1863-64 (PDF)

Town of Acton annual report, 1864-65 (PDF)


Personal correspondence and diaries

Letters written to and by Aaron Jones Fletcher during his service with the 26th Massachusetts (AML archives 2007.6.1)

Transcription of the diary kept by Aaron Jones Fletcher while stationed at Ship Island, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana, 1862  (AML archives, 1990.1.13)

Letters relating to the Civil War Service of Samuel C. Hanscom, Co. A, 2nd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry (AML archives 2016.3)

Four letters written by George A. Reed to family members during his service with the Sixth Massachusetts in 1861 (AML archives 2007.7.1-4)

Letters from Levi Robbins written to his mother, Mrs. Benjamin Robbins, during his service with the Sixth Massachusetts in 1861 (AML archives 2008.4.1-11)

Letter dated June 24, 1862, Ship Island, from Warren Teel (Co. E, 26th Mass.) to school teacher Luther Conant, Acton, Mass. (PDF) (courtesy Brewster Conant)

Letter from Nathaniel Allen to War Department acknowledging receipt of Medal of Honor, March 31, 1899   (image courtesy National Archives and Records Administration)


Military records

Order from Colonel Edward F. Jones, April 15, 1861 (manuscript image courtesy of Acton Historical Society)

Report of Colonel Edward F. Jones, April 22, 1861  From: The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series 1, vol. 2, pp. 7-9.


G.A.R. records

Roster of Isaac Davis Post No. 138, G.A.R (via Internet Archive), Acton Memorial Library archives 73.3.3

Index to the Roster of Isaac Davis Post No. 138, G.A.R., West Acton, Mass. (via Internet Archive), Acton Memorial Library archives 73.9.1

Personal War Sketches of the Members of Isaac Davis Post No. 138 G.A.R., West Acton (bound manuscript, 146 pages, AML archives 92.2.1)

Records of the 26th Mass. Regiment Association (via Internet Archive), AML archives 2014.1.1

Presentation of G.A.R. flag by W.R.C. Concord Enterprise, May 28, 1902.

Presentation of G.A.R. flag by W.R.C. Concord Enterprise, May 27, 1914.



Bounty Dispute

Copy of the Tabulated Record of Men who Re-enlisted in the 26th Mass. Vols. about Jan. 1, 1865, and were credited on Acton's quota, none of which have received a Town bounty. Broadside, approx. 11.25x13 in., document image courtesy Brewster Conant. (jpeg, 1 MB)

"Soldiers Bounties! Shall Acton Pay Her Re-Enlisted Men or Not? The hearing in full before the Legislative Committee on Military Affairs at Room 14, State House, Boston, January 26, 1882." Acton Patriot Supplement [n.d.]. Newspaper sheet. Transcript of a hearing to consider "A Petition of the Town of Acton for Authority to Pay Certain Bounties." Includes testimony of several Acton Civil War veterans on the role of town bounties in recruiting re-enlistments. Transcription (PDF, 772 KB) | Newspaper side 1 (jpeg, 1.88 MB) | Newspaper side 2 (jpeg, 1.93 MB), document image courtesy of Brewster Conant.

MEAD and others, Petitioners, v. Inhabitants of ACTON and others (139 Mass. 341), filed May, 1885. Northeastern Reporter, Volume 1: 413-415. (digitized book)



Memorial Library and Soldiers' Tablets

Documents related to the Dedication of the Acton Memorial Library and Soldiers' Tablets, 1890 (AML Archives)


Miscellaneous newspaper accounts

The first week of War, transcribed from The Lowell Weekly Journal, April 19, 1861.

"Massachusetts troops enroute to Washington." Transcribed from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, April 30, 1861.

"The Heroes Who First Fell." Transcribed from Harper's Weekly, May 4, 1861.

"The Fight at Baltimore" (letter to the editor). Transcribed from Harper's Weekly, June 1, 1861.

"Through Baltimore, The Old Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, Celebrating the Twenty-fourth Anniversary of Their Memorable March." Boston Globe, April 19, 1885.

"Luke Smith's 82nd birthday." Boston Globe, February 13 and 23, 1895.

Medal of Honor awarded to Nathaniel M. Allen, Concord Enterprise, June 1, 1899.

Minutemen of '61 medals to W. Littlefield and J. E. Richardson. Concord Enterprise, January 7, 1903.

"Jones, Commanding Colonel of Famous 6th Regt. Recalls The Start From Boston." Boston Globe, April 17, 1911.


Publications (see also Bibliography)

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